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Fafor Life

FAFOR LIFE is a Hi-Tech enterprise dedicated to innovative research in the field of Organic Science. Our multi-cure stem cell
dietary supplement, FAFORON; has been in use since 2002 with thousands of testimonies from healthcare practitioners.

Our outstanding system rewards our affiliates in Direct Selling to attain sustainable wealth with zero investment.

We distribute stem cell dietary supplements, physiotherapy machines, gym equipment, water purifying machines, and many other exciting products with a high commission payout.

Our Mission

Providing organic, infrared/electromagnetic health solutions to life-threatening diseases. Helping our members to discover a healthy lifestyle and achieve wealth in the process.

Our Vision

To build a continental sharing economy with highly effective products, a very rewarding business plan & innovative management. Our passion is fueled by the health, happiness & prosperity of our customers.

What Is Faforon Herbal Dietary Supplement?

Faforon Herbal is a miracle stem cell drink that boost immune system, energizes, cleanses the circulatory system, rebuildes dead cells and & detoxifies the body.

Our Multi-Cure Stem Cell Dietary supplement (FAFORON) is made from 100% natural plant stemcells, the ingredients are locally sourced for in Nigeria, India and China.

Faforon has been in use since 2002 with thousands of testimonials from health practitioners. We are the first producers of liquid-based Stemcell in the world, our products are highly potent and very affordable

And Faforon Herbal is 100% organic blood builder, immune booster, energizer, circulatory system cleaner, dead cell re-builder, & detoxifies the body

Faforon Herbal Blood Builder & Energizer Capsule is used for Malaria, Ulcer, Anemia, Hypoglycemia, Diabetes, Diarrhea, Liver disorders, Skin protectant. It rejuvenates & reduces crises on sickle cell patients. · Rejuvenates & prolongs the lives of Humans.

Our products truly works.

Business Contact Address

10-12 Ekinte Plaza, Aba – Enugu Expressway by Abayi International School Abayi
P.O. Box 5584 Aba, Abia State Nigeria

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